What Makes Us Different?

When it comes to setting themselves apart, most Bankruptcy Attorneys promise the same thing: Experience. While we have over 20 years of Bankruptcy experience, we also know that experience alone doesn’t mean much. There are plenty Bankruptcy Lawyers with experience who don’t have a good track record. In addition, there are numerous other factors that determine if the outcome of your Bankruptcy case is good or bad.

We Have a Pulse and a Personality

It seems most Bankruptcy Lawyers don’t have much of a bedside manner. Greg and his staff have genuine one-on-one conversations with Clients. We don’t just want to know about your financial problems, we want to know about you, your Family and your Life. By taking a personal interest in our Clients, it makes our work more rewarding and motivates us to work harder to achieve the best possible results.

We also understand what we do effects more than just you. Our work can often effect your spouse, your children and your extended family. It can even effect your employer and your livelihood. When we represent you, we aren’t just your Bankruptcy Lawyer, we are your friends. That means we want to make certain our work benefits you and every aspect of your Life.

Our commitment — to treating people the way we would want to be treated — is why the clear majority of our business comes by way of referrals from satisfied Clients. We genuinely care about our Clients and you will see that from the moment of you first make contact with our office.

We Give You a Detailed Analysis of the Benefits of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Many Bankruptcy Attorneys focus on filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases without fully explaining the Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. That is unfortunate because the benefits of Chapter 13 are numerous and filing Chapter 7, without fully understanding Chapter 13, could mean you won’t realize the most beneficial opportunities available to you. Click the link to read more about some of the many Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

20 Years of Experience with Proven Results

Not only do we have experience, we have a proven track record of knowing the Law as well as changing the Law to serve our Clients’ needs. Some of our Clients own mobile homes and, until recently, the law was not very favorable towards modifying mobile home loans. Attorney Greg Wetherall changed that by appealing adverse decisions to the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals (One Step Below the United States Supreme Court) which overturned the old law and made modifying mobile home loans much easier.

This is just one small example of how we are committed to making Bankruptcy work for you. During your Free Initial Consultation, we will explain the different types of Bankruptcy, the different Chapters of the Bankruptcy Code and the many ways you can take advantage of the Bankruptcy Laws in the United States.

We Make Bankruptcy Affordable

When you are suffering with financial problems, paying for Bankruptcy shouldn’t mean going without food or getting evicted. After all, you need a Bankruptcy Attorney because you are experiencing financial problems. Unfortunately, most Bankruptcy Lawyers don’t understand that and will only begin working on your case after you pay their entire fee.

We have been doing this long enough to understand most people can’t pay the entire bankruptcy fee at one time. That is why we often begin working for a Client with only a small down payment. In some circumstances, we will even file your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case with NO MONEY DOWN.

Finally, we can show you creative ways to pay for your Bankruptcy case without making any financial sacrifices. We will discuss these options during your Free Initial Consultation.

You Shouldn’t Have to Miss Work or Lose Your Job to File Bankruptcy

Most Bankruptcy Lawyers have strict office hours and require you to meet with them during those hours. Most of our Clients work during normal office hours and, taking off work to file bankruptcy, means they lose money and may even risk losing their job.

We understand you shouldn’t lose money or risk your job to file Bankruptcy. That is why we meet with Clients based on your schedule. We will gladly meet with you in the evening and on weekends if necessary. We have even represented Clients, such as over-the-road truck drivers, who needed to meet with us after midnight and we made the appointment because we understand doing our job right sometimes means working outside the box.

We Have Handled Everything from Simple to Multi-Million Dollar Business Cases

It doesn’t matter how small or large your case may be. We have handled everything from business cases involving millions of dollars to simple cases involving very little money.

In the final analysis, if you are suffering with financial problems, it doesn’t matter how much you owe. The inability to meet financial obligations affects every aspect of your Life. It can cause you to lose sleep, affect your job and often leads to mental health problems and substance abuse.

We offer our services to everyone suffering with financial stress. More important, we are dedicated to serving ALL our Clients with the same level of Compassion, Service and Expertise regardless of the size of their financial problems.

Our Objective

Our Objective is Simple: To Treat YOU with the same Compassion we would show our Friends and Family while obtaining the Best Possible Bankruptcy Solution at an Affordable Price.

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