2. The Chapter 13 Trustee

The Chapter 13 Trustee is the person who oversees your case, collects your Chapter 13 Payments and disperses the Chapter 13 funds to Creditors. In Cincinnati, the Chapter 13 Trustee is Margaret A. Burks, Esq. After filing your Case, Mrs. Burks or one of her Staff Attorneys, Frank Dicesare, Esq., or Tammy Stickley, Esq., will meet with you to review you financial situation. Many of my Clients are very nervous about meeting with the Trustee. You will find that Mrs. Burks, Mr. Dicesare and Mrs. Stickley, as well as their entire Staff, are very friendly and compassionate and have no desire to embarrass or hurt you. Provided you are well prepared for this meeting and appear on time, the Trustee will usually express a desire to help your Chapter 13 Case be successful and will ordinarily approve your Plan.

In addition, we know what the Trustee expects in most situations and we strive to meet those expectations. This allows your Chapter 13 case to move more smoothly through the Bankruptcy Process and prevents the unnecessary problems that develop from Attorneys who do not understand how Chapter 13 Bankruptcy works. Chapter 13 is very complex and utilizing an Attorney experienced in the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process will help you maximize the benefits that Chapter 13 Bankruptcy has to offer and will reduce the anxiety you experience while your case is pending