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The Difference Between Chapter 13 Bankruptcy & Debt Consolidation Programs

Many people, who are overwhelmed with debt, think Debt Consolidation Programs are better than Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. They could not be more wrong. Here are some major reasons why filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is better than Debt Consolidation Programs… Read More
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Credit Counselors vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Credit Counseling Can Destroy Your Credit Score: For people who have high incomes relative to the amount of debt they are servicing, Credit Counseling can be a viable method of dealing with their debt. But, for most people, Credit Counseling does not… Read More
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Saving Your Car in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy After it is Repossessed

Repossessions And Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Even if your car has been repossessed, you can get it back as long as you file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition before the car is sold at auction. Once a vehicle is repossessed, car loan lenders must provide y… Read More
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What Can You Keep In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

One of the biggest concerns facing people contemplating Bankruptcy is what property they can keep. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows people to keep many things they would lose if they chose to seek bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy C… Read More
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A Chapter 13 Payment Plan Example

Everyone who is thinking about filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case always wants to know how much their Chapter 13 Plan payment will be. Often times, if their financial situation is extremely complex, that is virtually impossible to do until their Ban… Read More
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How Much Cash Can You Keep In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

A frequent question asked by Clients filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Clients is how much cash they can keep. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is different from Chapter 7 Bankruptcy insofar as the Chapter 13 Trustee doesn’t take your property. Instead, in a C… Read More
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Why Is My Chapter 13 Plan Lasting Longer Than Expected?

The Chapter 13 Plan provides the manner in which each of your creditors will be treated and how much they will be paid. When your Chapter 13 case is first filed, your Bankruptcy Attorney drafts a Chapter 13 Plan which estimates the amount of debts yo… Read More
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Dealing With Medical Bills Through Bankruptcy

Medical Bills can be a source of terrible financial stress. Millions of Americans have struggled with the costs of medical treatment. In fact, one study shows that 6 in 10 Americans have suffered financial hardships because of the cost of medical tre… Read More
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Why Should I Choose You To Be My Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Five major points: (1) We really care about our Clients. You will notice the difference the moment you meet with any member of our office. We are different in a very good way. (2) We only do Bankruptcy so we focus on being creative to get the most ou… Read More
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Saving Your Home in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There is nothing quite as frightening as the prospect of losing your home. When you are served with foreclosure papers, a thousand thoughts race through your mind. Unfortunately, once a mortgage lender decides to foreclose in Ohio, there aren’t… Read More
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