Get Your Drivers License Back Through Bankruptcy

Many people have their Drivers License Suspended when they are at fault in a motor vehicle accident and don't have insurance to cover the damage to the other driver's car and their medical expenses. As long as you weren't found to be intoxicated when the accident occurred, you can utilize Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Discharge these obligations to the other driver as well as the subrogation claim that usually arises in favor of their insurance company.

In addition to Discharging the liability for the other driver's damages, the Drivers License Restatement Fee, which is owed to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, can also be Discharged. This usually allows the Debtor to reinstate their Drivers License as soon as the same day their Bankruptcy Petition is filed.

The process is very simple. You file you Bankruptcy Petition and list the other driver, their insurance company and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles as creditors in your Bankruptcy Filing. Once, you Bankruptcy Case is filed, I will give you a certificate from the Bankruptcy Court called a "Notice of Bankruptcy Case Filing" and a copy of your Bankruptcy Schedules showing the Bureau of Motor Vehicles listed as a Creditor. Then, you simply go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and obtain a new Drivers License.

Of course, if your Original Drivers License has expired, you will need to retake the Drivers License Exam. Moreover, if you have a vehicle you will need to have it insured and comply with any other laws of general applicability.

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